Welcome from the Head of School

Welcome to the Calvary Christian School website, and thank you for including us in your search for a Christ-centered, private school in the Orange County area. If you are anything like me, this is your entry level search to see if we meet the needs of your family. For this reason, I believe it is vitally important for our school’s growth and the flourishing of your family to be as clear and honest about our vision as possible. We are a school that seeks to be excellent in our academic life because we want to reflect the beauty and truth of God through our daily lives. God designed humans to be His image-bearers on earth so we, therefore, should seek to grow in knowledge of Him and His world.

Being new to Calvary myself, I have found the community of the school and the church to be a place of welcome and hospitality. My family has been warmly greeted by parents, students, teachers and staff, and I am confident that this genuine love of people will extend beyond my family to yours as well. I am committed to fostering a community culture of caring as we pursue truth, beauty and goodness together. My desire is that the halls of Calvary will be known for the sweet aroma of kindness and edifying conversations.

Our teachers at Calvary are phenomenal individuals who love God and love their students and subjects. You can be assured that your children will receive an excellent education that is rooted in God’s truth and supported by the loving relationships that lead to a healthy and balanced life. Our teachers model curiosity in their own lives as a way of inspiring our students to engage in their own journey of learning. We expose our students to excellent literature, history, math and science not only to equip them for the future, but also for the pure enjoyment of exercising their minds and expanding their knowledge and wisdom.

Please take the time to do your due diligence about the best school for your children, and if you find that Calvary is the right place for your family, please schedule a visit. There is nothing we love more than to talk about the good things happening here with people in search of a thriving educational community.

Grace to you, 

Troy Wathen, Ed.D.

Head of School