Instrumental Music

4th Grade Band and Strings

This is a beginning class where students take their first steps in learning to play a wind or string instrument.  This includes learning proper holding and playing technic, bow and breath control, as well as basic notation and musicianship. 

5th Grade Band and Strings

In this class, students continue to develop their skills on their instrument.   Developing tone quality and more complex notation, rhythm, dynamic contrast as well as beginning ensemble playing, are all included this year.

6th Grade Advanced Band and Strings

In this year, students continue to develop ensemble, playing during lunch recess as an extra-curricular activity. 

6th Grade Worship Team

Students learn to work as a team to lead worship music by using chord charts as well as notation, depending on their instrument.  Singers join the team to lead music in school chapels. 

Junior High Band and Junior High Strings

This class involves more complex ensemble playing.  Utilizing etudes, scales and appropriate literature, each student works to develop musicianship, integrating intonation, tone quality, rhythmic and notation reading skills in preparation for high school and lifelong musical opportunities.