Major Field Trips


4th Grade - Sacramento

In fourth grade, our Sacramento trip is the highlight of the year.  History lessons come alive as we explore gold mines, visit the Capitol building, and enjoy many activities on our guided tour.  The cost of the two day trip, which normally occurs in April, is approximately $500. Specific information is available in September.

5th Grade - Riley's Farm

One of our 5th graders’ favorite subjects is American history, covering the Revolutionary War.  Our students attend Riley's Farm Revolutionary War Overnight Adventure in Oak Glen, where history comes alive!  Students visit a Stamp Act courtroom, watch a blacksmith cast musketballs, learn colonial etiquette, learn to drill and march as part of the town militia, hear from Patrick Henry, and play fun 18th century games. 

6th Grade - Outdoor Science School

As part of our 6th grade science curriculum, students have the privilege to attend a week of hands-on learning at Thousand Pines Outdoor Science School in October. The trip costs approximately $300. Because this trip takes place early in the school year, payments need to be made to the school office by mid September.

8th Grade - Washington D.C. Trip

Our 8th grade students conclude their year of study in American History with an 8-day trip to Washington, D.C., Gettysburg, Jamestown, Williamsburg and New York. Dates for the trip are in March and the cost is approximately $2,700 for students and $3,000 for adults.

DC Trip - Tomb DC Trip - Tomb